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Review: "Before He Finds Her," by Michael Kardos

How can I best evaluate this novel? Recommend, I don't think so. Workable, passable, adequate...definitely. I don't read this kind of book often, so be aware that I'm not a murder, detective, mystery fan. This is my failing, not yours. I've read two James Patterson books, who am I to throw stones? I disliked both of them. Did the author throw us some twists? Of course he did, it's almost required in this genre. Did I anticipate them? No, but I don't do that, I let the novel play out for me. I don't see reading a novel as a game and I win points if I can guess the murderer, the culprit, the twist. The writing was mundane, flat and pedestrian. My better high school students could write, paragraph to paragraph, as well as the author.

Let's compare this to sitting down in front of the television on any particular evening when there appears to be nothing to watch and you don't invest a lot of energy in finding something that might pique your interest. So you channel surf for awhile and you watch something for an hour or two. Afterward you feel unsatisfied, but not totally disappointed. The show you watched was O.K., but just O.K. It was nothing, but it passed the time.

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