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Paperback, 108 pages (2016)

Inspired by a true story a young Italian woman falls in love with a soldier during World War I. Sent to America by her family, they are kept apart by an ocean but across the decades their love never wanes. Years later their respective sons, one an American, one Italian, re-establish a lasting friendship.


Parenting Press (1988)

Grade 2-5-- Written in a "Choose Your Own Adventure" format, this book deals with a common problem faced by elementary school children. Readers explore a number of alternative solutions for dealing wtih a bully through selecting from a series of decisions and turning to designated pages to discover the probable outcomes. Possible decisions include talking to the bus driver, asking advice from the teacher, fighting the bully, and ignoring him. All of the solutions are viable and all eventually result in an end to the bullying while realistically noting that although the two boys can come to accomodate each other, they are unlikely to become friends. A useful book for helping students focus on possible problem solving techniques. --Phyllis K. Kennemer, Green Mountain Elementary School, Lakewood, Colo.


Parenting Press (1991)

You've been doing extra soccer practice this fall to prepare for the division championship. It's paid off, too; you're the team's best forward. Last week your team, the Lions, won the division! Now it's on to the town-wide tournament. The only problem is that while you were concentrating on soccer, you ignored your homework. Today your teacher hands out report cards. When you look at yours, all you see are two Cs, two Ds, and an F. Your heart sinks. What are your parents going to say?


Enslow Publishers (1997)

Explores the issues surrounding the growing problem of violence in schools, in both rural and urban areas.

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