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Review: "World War Z" by Max Brooks

This is a crazy, inventive take on the entire zombie genre. It doesn’t really read like a story because it’s set up as a series of interviews with people who survived this apocalypse, starting from their earliest memories before everything went wrong, until after the calamity and things around the world were returned not to normalcy, but a new normal. It was graphic, detailed and insightful. It smacked of truth and what might actually occur in such a situation. You couldn’t help but like it if you’re into the Walking Dead or anything about zombies at all. It lacked something, I guess that would be the sense of a central character. Although you might consider that the story has an “arc” it really doesn’t although you can’t help but like the amazing recreation by the author. It will be a movie in the spring starring Brad Pitt so we’ll have to see if it stays true to the book. Obviously, I think not, it will take a very different form for film. (Upon seeing the film some months later, my prediction came true. The movie is not the book at all, with exactly what the book lacked, a central figure in the form of Brad Pitt. The movie played well and I enjoyed it. They are two totally different experiences.)

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