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Review: "Flight or Fright: 17 Turbulent Tales" compiled by Stephen King

This array of horror stories rises high and takes the reader on some incredible journeys. All of them share the same setting - flying. In the atmosphere, above the clouds, above the earth, beyond your imagination. Flight...or Fright. Many authors are included here, with many famous names (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Richard Matheson, Ambrose Bierce, Ray Bradbury and King himself). Lesser known, but equally up to the task include Cody Goodfellow, John Varley and Tom Bissell, among others. This wonderful collection of tales possesses a depth of professional storytelling unmatched in my experience. The talent is vast, the writing often unique, stylized or of an era. Within such a confined topical restraint the breadth of imagination and creativity is paramount. I could take the time to list each story, it's strength and attraction but I will leave that to each reader. Some tales are fast, some old-fashioned, some graphic, some melancholy, some almost romantic, some simply horrible. I seldom read books a second time but this was so entertaining that I definitely will re-visit. This was an audio book, so that another engaging aspect to this anthology is that several readers took part, giving the recitations an enlivening and entertaining effect as you waited to see who would share the tale. Let's cut directly to the flight plan. As you can tell I am highly recommending this book. But first a push and a warning. If you love horror stories in general then read this book. If you love to fly and love horror tales you absolutely must read this book. In his intro Stephen King ruminates about the sheer illogical, irrational absurdity of riding in a large metal can eight miles above the surface of the earth at 500 miles per hour. If that frightens you to death then read this book and pull your seat belt very, very tight. As if that will help if anything really goes wrong.

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