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The Halloween Project: Second Ceremony 2018

The Halloween Project Second Ceremony 2018

Last year I embarked on a challenging, dark Halloween activity. Fifteen original horror tales in fifteen days. It was quirky, demanding, interesting, and a lot of fun. People who commented appeared to enjoy them although it was a small and loyal following.

Rod Serling, the famous host and writer of 2/3 of all the Twilight Zone episodes once said that he believed that 1/3 of his stories were crap, 1/3 moderately good and the final 1/3 excellent. I could only hope that mine fit the same level of achievement.

We've spun around the sun full cycle and arrived back here at October once again. My favorite season ending in my favorite holiday. You know it and I know it.


No excuses here. You can prefer Christmas, the Fourth of July, your birthday. I prefer dark forest woods, disturbing sounds that you can't quite make out, closets, and monsters of all make and fashion. I have a special attachment to ghost stories.

So I'm back as well with one adaptation. I'm giving myself the entire month to complete 15 stories. One every two days instead of one every day. That way I have time to breathe, especially toward the end when I'm delving deep for ideas. Thanks in advance to my daughter, Lindsay, who pushed me on this idea, picks the photos for each story and is my general sounding board.

So, if you dare, dive in.

Head first.

Eyes wide open.

Or closed if you prefer.

Come back every two days.

Let's see where it takes us.

Carl Bosch

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