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Review: "All the Light We Cannot See," by Anthony Doerr

This amazing tale is everything that you want a novel to be. Well written and plotted, this is an intimate story about engaging personalities set against the backdrop of World War II and the tragedy that lurked around every corner. All of this is tempered by the love and care that takes place between father and daughter, friends and relations, how connections change and fail and find themselves. Rich in detail and observation and fleshed out in tones of color that are amazingly vibrant to the reader this novel has a truly beautiful heart. Marie Laure, as the blind young girl possessing a secret, and Werner, as the German radio intellect with a heart, converge at the end in a confluence of honest sincerity and humanity. In all the sadness and brutality that war and humans mete out against one another there can exist true selflessness and tenderness. At over 500 pages this feels like a book that one wishes could go on for another 500. And I have not spoken at all about Doerr's ability with a sentence, a paragraph that sublime beauty of words used in their exact perfect sense and meaning. He is a master at the top of his form. Simply one of the best reads of this or any year it deserves the Pulitzer hands down. I have not read a better book this year.

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