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Review: "The Age of Radiance The Epic Rise and Dramatic Fall of the Atomic Era," by Craig

This was an amazing treatise on the history of radiation, its discovery, its uses and the men and women involved. I cannot say enough about this book. One of the most fascinating and enlightening reads I have ever experienced. Truly. I kept having to stop and think about it and share constantly with anyone who was about some of the amazing details. Thick with historical fact and precision it took the reader directly through the last 120 years of radiation without ever a misstep. It took me quite some time to read this because it was so incredibly dense. The factual content was immense and although I read steadily it went slowly. I was constantly trying to assimilate each individual and era with those that had gone on before. If I wanted to I could recount about a hundred interesting, and fascinating facts that I learned through this book. The author attempted to keep an even hand, but at times his politics broke through just a bit. Pro nuclear energy, anti nuclear bomb (but not 100%) at times it played a little contradictory to itself, but it was nothing short of tremendous.

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