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Review: "The Five Weapons," by Jimmie Robinson

In my series of graphic novels borrowed from the Oxford High School library I came upon this little gem which is an expanded comic book with a mixture of teen angst, cutthroat assassin roles and energetic drawings. What's not to love about a teenage school for assassins with five departments: Knives, Staves, Archery, Exotic and Guns (with a sixth - Psionics, added later). I love these edgy panels, Sherlockian storylines, and our hero, Enrique, who solves everything with his uncanny, perceptive mind. Most 13 year old boys would love this. Violence, poisoning and possible murder abound, but all of it feels really PG-13 at best. Twists and turns pop up everywhere, people aren't who they appear to be, there's mysticism and teenage romance, and enduring friendships and betrayals. This comes from the Image comic label, always close to my heart as the creators of Spawn. Make this a movie, please! And I'm hoping that the OHS library continues to subscribe.

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