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Review: “The Happiness Project,” by Gretchen Rubin

Oh man again. If this is what it’s come down to for bestsellers than I give up. I read this book in Hawaii, donated by my friend because I needed to bring an actual “book” to the beach, rather than my iPad. Here’s the story, for several days I found myself quoting pieces of this book because there are little gems of commonsense wisdom contained within. It’s not info that we don’t all know, but it’s good to be reminded. Sharp insights, nice points. But it’s all contained in this smarmy, self-absorbed attitude that after awhile made me want to throw up. Rubin took an entire year and focused on “Happiness topics”, one each month. I must admit that she was quite candid about what a bitch she is. Here’s the final outcome: I am sure if I met her I would dislike her immediately. I’m not sure why her husband doesn’t leave her and take both daughters with her. I will never read another book by her, despite the sweet observations she made. This was a horror show and made me a worse person for reading it. Do you get the idea I didn’t like it?

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