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Review: "Every Last One," Anna Quindlen

This book clearly demonstrates why Anna Quindlen is so loved and read. The book is not literary, but mainstream and she would say the same thing. It deals with a tragic event and takes us there with a sense of clarity and honesty that anyone could respect. I understood the kind of dissolution of a life that could occur when a senseless tragedy occurs. Life is moving along somewhat “regular” and perhaps mundane, as many of our lives do. Then suddenly everything is changed, the world is set on its edge and all that is to come is different and difficult. Getting up, breathing and eating, could all become difficult chores. Quindlen is not a great writer, but she knows how to tell a story and she cares about her characters. There is an honesty here that cannot be denied. It’s not a pleasant read, but it’s true. Is there a better accolade? I can’t say that I loved the journey that she took the reader on, but it was compelling, heartfelt, trying and so brutally honest. People survive, not without damage, but they do. Quindlen understands that, which is an amazing trait to possess. You can never go wrong with one of her tales. This would be a great book to talk about in a book club. I wish I belonged to one.

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